Saturday, May 22, 2021

Marking Mariah (Special Forces: Operation Alpha) by Liz Crowe

This was a cool book about Terry who is ex-Delta force turned soccer coach and Mariah the winner of a music competition turned music teacher and mother who meet and start a relationship. Of course this doesn't come easy and they both make mistakes but when a life altering event puts Mariah's life in danger they both realize that they are meant to be.

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Savage by Natasha Bender

This book is about a woman who asks her husband to fulfill one of her darkest fantasies. 

 This book started off well. The wife tells her husband about her fantasy and then he makes it happen for her. My problem was when the husband and his friend give her, her fantasy it just fell flat. It could have been sexy or hot but it really wasn't. 

 It's not a horrible book but it wasn't my favorite. It was just ok.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

One Last Fling by Leela Lou Dahlin

This was a fun book about a billionaire who has to marry a woman by his 30th birthday so that he can inherit the family money or else it goes to charity and how he fell in love with a woman along the way. I liked how Ryder and Daisy connect with each other even though they come from two different worlds and that they were able to make the relationship work through all the challenges they had.

Monday, May 10, 2021

Elegant Seduction (Trinity Masters #6) by Mari Carr & Lila Dubois

This book is about Sebastian the best friend of Juliette from the previous book who is now the Grand Master. She sets him up with a "fake" trinity so that they can discover more information on the secret sect of Purists within the Trinity Master's organization. When Sebastian falls in love with the two other people in his trinity will he be able to convince Juliette to let the marriage stand all while doing his duty?
I really liked this book. Sebastian, Elyse and Grant were great characters and went well together. I loved the backstory between Seb and Elle. I loved not knowing if Grant was what he said he was. Trying to figure out the past of the purists and what Jessica got up to was a lot of fun. The tension between the three of them was super hot and so was the sex. The ending was very surprising I did not see that twist coming which made it so good! Another great read in the series.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

The Lifeguard by Mariana Lewis

This book is about a woman named Michelle who works as a lifeguard at the beach. She starts to have feelings for one of her coworkers when an unexpected event occurs will they find comfort in each other?
This was cute and short. The writing felt a little stiff but was ok. The story was good although kind of random event for the main character to get together with her crush. All in all a ok read.

Tuesday, May 4, 2021

The Proposal (The Dark Wedding Duet #1) by Kitty Thomas

This book was great! I really liked all of the characters and the story kept me reading. I do have to admit this was a lighter Kitty novel and you can kind of guess the plot twist but that didn't make it any less enjoyable! I really wish there had been more chapters after the wedding but the book was already pretty long so I can't complain. I loved how Livia grew throughout the book as well as the guys it was interesting to see the evolution of the characters from start to finish. Another great read from Kitty!

Saturday, May 1, 2021

Unleashed (Mistress & Master of Restraint 2) by Erica Chilson

This was a nice sequel to the first book. It starts out where the first book left off. Back at Dominion with Ezra, Cortez, Eva and everyone else. Life is different but oddly the same. More secrets are revealed and lots of things happen. I don't want to give anything away so I'll just say that this book had many surprises and you won't be bored. A great continuation to the series.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Restraint (Mistress & Master of Restraint 1) by Erica Chilson

This was a very interesting book. Katya is a survivor of rape, in the book she spends her time trying to remember her repressed memories of that day, while living her life in a new city and with a new job. I love how Katya's backstory is shown throughout the book as her memories slowly begin to return, also during this time she has to put the puzzle pieces together to find out who is who and what secrets they are hiding. I really enjoyed this book, it had me until the very end when the story came full circle and everything made sense.

Saturday, April 24, 2021

Her Rogue Mates (Interstellar Brides Program 13) by Grace Goodwin

This story is about a human named Harper. She's a nurse and when the Coalition makes earth a part of their alliance people have to choose a way to help. Harper can become a bride or a soldier so she decides to become a medic. One day at a bar she gains the attention of an alien man. He's not like the others, she doesn't recognize him. He's Styx of Styx Legion and he's interested in her. He believes he and his friend Blade are her mates. After a short tryst in a hallway Harper is called away to a battle to heal the injured. Unfortunately the medical team is attacked. Harper manages to escape, barely. So Styx and Blade claim her as their mate and take her home with them. Their plan is to find the person responsible for the attack. Can Harper survive long enough to enjoy her new mates?

This book was a lot of fun. I liked all the different kinds of aliens and that Styx and Blade are kind of like vampires in the sense that they have the urge to bite Harper and give her ultimate pleasure. The story was interesting I liked all the different groups. I love how Styx's and Blade tattoo Harper's name on their bodies to show that she's theirs. I love that Harper is fierce and willing to help others even when her life is in danger. The sex was hot and the action fast paced. A great story.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Chained (Brides of the Kindred 9) by Evangeline Anderson

I really enjoyed this book. I love Maggie and her personality and how she ends up somewhere she wasn't expecting on Yonnie Six with Kor as her slave. Kor was hot! I loved him so much! It was really fun to see all the story lines happening at the same time. I love that each book gets a little more into the universe of the Kindred. A fun read.